$23.38 Per Hour Housekeeping Job in Surrey, BC

Job Title: Housekeeping Job / Housekeeper
Location: Sienna Senior Living Surrey, BC
Shift: Morning, Night, Overnight
Wage: $23.38 an hour

If you want to be a part of a Housekeeping Job team that values growth and new ideas and cares about the Team Member Experience, join Sienna Senior Living.


The housekeeper plays an important part in communities because they affect the lives of the people who live there and bring people together.

This is a permanent casual job that can be filled in during vacations and sick days.


Wage leveling rate of $23.38 an hour until wage leveling ends. After that, the rate will be based on the pay rates in the joint agreement.

Typical Duties Of A Housekeeper

  • Getting the job, putting together the materials and supplies that are needed, loading the service cart, and moving it to the work area.
  • Cleans the rooms of residents according to the plan given.
  • Does things like dusting, dry and wet mopping, vacuuming, and moving furniture around to clean and disinfect.
  • Making sure of residents’ privacy while working.
  • Getting the room ready for the new tenant by following the steps given to make sure it is always ready for tours.
  • Reporting to the boss when supplies are low or when equipment isn’t working right.
  • doing other tasks as they are given.

Housekeeping Job Requirements

  • You must have experience cleaning houses before.
  • Being able to read, write, and understand English and follow written directions.
  • Good knowledge of how to use chemicals and tools.
  • Be able to work alone or with others.
  • Good knowledge of how to use chemicals and tools.
  • training in WHMIS.
  • Strong customer service skills and the ability to talk to people and team members in a clear way.
  • All candidates must pass the required check of their criminal records.
  • If you want to help other people, join Sienna Senior Living so we can keep making the lives of the people we serve better.

Sienna Senior Living is dedicated to fair hiring, diversity, and welcoming everyone in the workplace. As required by state law, assistance with accommodations will be given if asked for during the hiring, selection, and evaluation process.

What skills do you need to do a Housekeeping Job?

  • Technical skills: Room Attendants who clean need to know the basics of how to use cleaning supplies and tools. They ought to be able to clean things safely and follow the directions for doing so.
  • Housekeeping Room Attendants need to be able to plan their time well and get things done quickly. They should be able to set priorities and get things done even when they’re busy.
  • Attention to detail: People who work as Housekeeping Room Attendants need to be able to do good work and pay close attention to the little things. They should see the trash and dirt and take the time to clean it up right.
  • Skills in customer service: Housekeeping Room Attendants talk to people a lot, so they need to be able to give great customer service. They need to be nice, helpful, and friendly.
  • Physical stamina: Being a housekeeper or room attendant can be hard on the body. They have to be able to stand for a long time, carry big things, and go up and down stairs.
  • Flexibility: People who clean rooms often need to be able to adapt to different situations. They might have to work extra hours or different jobs. They should also be able to deal with problems or changes that come up out of the blue.
  • The most recent job openings Comfort Keepers in Kelowna and the Okanagan, BC, needs a care assistant or caregiver right away.


Here are some more traits that can help a Housekeeping Room Attendant do their job well:

Being patient: People who clean rooms need to be able to wait their turn and understand. They might have to deal with people who are messy or who need extra help.

Resistant: People who clean rooms need to be able to handle setbacks. They might have to deal with tough events every day.


Work together: Housekeeping Room Attendants do a lot of their work with other people. These people need to be able to get along with others and help each other out.

When you are thinking about becoming a Housekeeping Room Attendant, these are the skills and traits you should work on.

Learn what the rules and guidelines are at your job. This will help you stay safe and not do something wrong.

Be kind to your friends. They are paying for a clean and nice room, so you need to make sure they are happy with your work.

Are you ready to learn something new? You have to be ready to learn new skills and use new technologies because the housekeeping business is always changing.

Don’t rush. Not all of your guests will be easy to deal with, and you need to know how to do that with class.
You can do well as a Housekeeping Room Attendant if you have these traits and are ready to put in the work.

Who can apply for this housekeeping job?

The employer accepts applications from:

Canadian citizens and permanent or temporary residents of Canada.
Other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

How to apply
Online: Apply Online via The Company’s Site

Certification and Education Needed to become a Housekeeping Room Attendant

To become a Housekeeping Room Attendant, you don’t need to go to school or get a certificate. Most companies will only want to see that you have at least a high school diploma. But there are some qualifications you can get that will help you get hired.

These are some of the most common qualifications for housekeepers and room attendants:

  • Certified Housekeeper (CH): The International Executive Housekeepers Association (IHEA) gives this title.
  • You can also get this certification from the IHEA: Certified Executive Housekeeper (CEH).
  • The Green Cleaning Council gives this title, “Certified Green Cleaning Professional” (CGPC).
  • These certifications can show possible employers what skills and information you have. They can also help you move up in your housekeeping job.

Housekeeping Room Attendant work environment.

The place where a Housekeeping Room Attendant works can be different based on the job and the location. You can expect some general things, though.

  • Demands on the body: Cleaning houses can be hard on the body. Housekeepers need to be able to stand for a long time, carry big things, and go up and down stairs.
  • Hours of work: Housekeepers often work long hours, even on weekends and in the nights. Also, they might be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of an emergency.
  • Place of work: Housekeepers usually work in hospitals, hotels, and other business places. Sometimes they work outside, and there are cleaning chemicals and other dangers that they may have to deal with.
  • Customer service: Housekeepers talk to people a lot, so they need to be good at providing customer service. They need to be nice, helpful, and friendly.
  • A lot of the time, housekeepers work together as a team. These people need to be able to get along with others and help each other out.
  • As a whole, being a Housekeeping Room Attendant can be hard work that pays off in the end. If you want a job that will challenge you both mentally and physically, cleaning might be a good choice for you.