How To Get Loan Without BVN in Nigeria

Is it possible to get a loan without BVN in Nigeria? Well, That will be our topic for today as we would be looking into the loan system and find out if it is possible that you can get a loan without anybody asking for your bank verification number.

Bvn is one of the many requirements that the bank or so many other lending companies will ask you to bring as it will help them with documentation.


Why Do Lenders Ask For BVN?

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a unique identification number that links individuals to their financial activities across various banks in Nigeria. Lenders in Nigeria require your BVN for several reasons, primarily focused on confirming your identity and mitigating risks associated with lending. Here are some key reasons why lenders need your BVN:

  • Identity Verification: BVN serves as a reliable means to verify your identity. Lenders can cross-reference the information provided by you during the loan application process with the details linked to your BVN. This helps ensure that the person applying for the loan is the legitimate account holder.
  • Risk Mitigation: Lenders face risks when disbursing loans, and verifying the identity of borrowers is a crucial step in risk management. BVN helps lenders assess the credibility of borrowers and reduces the chances of dealing with individuals using false identities.
  • Fraud Prevention: The use of BVN helps in preventing fraudulent activities. It acts as a deterrent for individuals attempting to secure loans with fake identities or engaging in other forms of financial fraud.
  • Addressing Loan Defaulters: BVN provides a tool for lenders to track and locate individuals who default on loans. In cases of non-repayment, lenders can use the BVN to identify and trace defaulters, making it easier to take legal action or engage in debt recovery processes.
  • Efficient Customer Due Diligence: BVN streamlines the customer due diligence process for lenders. It provides quick access to essential information about the borrower, facilitating a more efficient and accurate assessment of creditworthiness.


Can I Get A Loan without BVN In Nigeria?

It is almost impossible for anyone to give you a loan without BVN in Nigeria, but with the emergence of Loan apps, getting a loan without BVN has been made very easy and money accessible.


So to answer the question, Yes, it is possible to get a loan without a BVN in Nigeria without submitting your BVN to them.

If you are going to a commercial Bank to get this loan, I’m sorry the BVN will be highly needed but if you are to go through loan apps, then you can easily get the loan.

How To Identify a Fake Loan App

It is unfortunate that fake loan apps have become a significant issue in Nigeria, exploiting unsuspecting individuals. To protect yourself from falling victim to these fraudulent practices, it’s essential to be aware of the warning signs associated with such apps. Here are nine red flags to watch out for when dealing with loan apps:

Unavailability on Google Play Store

Legitimate loan apps are typically available on reputable platforms like the Google Play Store. If an app is not listed or is difficult to find, it may raise suspicions about its authenticity.


Abusive Collection Practices

Genuine lenders follow ethical and legal guidelines in their debt collection practices. If a loan app employs aggressive or abusive tactics, such as constant harassment, threats, or the use of derogatory language, it is a strong indication of an unscrupulous operation.

Sanctioned by Financial Authorities

Before engaging with any loan app, check if it is registered and authorised by relevant financial authorities. If the app is not sanctioned, it is advisable to steer clear, as it may be operating illegally.

Unsecured Website

Legitimate loan providers prioritise the security of their users’ information. If the app’s website lacks secure connections (https://), it may expose your personal and financial data to unauthorised access.

Negative Customer Feedback:

Research customer reviews and testimonials about the loan app. Negative feedback, complaints about non-transparent practices, or reports of fraudulent activities should be taken seriously and considered as a warning.

Advance Payment Demands:

Legitimate lenders do not require upfront payments or fees before disbursing a loan. If a loan app insists on payment before processing your loan, it is likely a scam.

Requests for Passwords and Sensitive Information:

Legitimate loan apps only require necessary information for the loan application. Be cautious if an app requests passwords, PINs, or other sensitive details that are not directly related to the loan process.

Hidden Loan Conditions

Read the terms and conditions carefully. Fake loan apps may hide unfavourable conditions, such as exorbitant fees, undisclosed charges, or unrealistic repayment terms. Transparent and legitimate lenders provide clear information about loan terms.

Mouth-watering Interest Rates:

Be wary of loan apps offering extremely low or unrealistically attractive interest rates. While competitive rates are common, rates that seem too good to be true may signal a scam.


Now that you know it is possible to get a loan without BVN, you can go ahead now and try them out. Don’t forget, Banks can’t deal without a BVN, so if your going to the bank to get a loan, you should go with your BVN.